July 12, 2011

One lovely blog award

Recently I have been nominated for two blog awards. I wrote before about the Stylish Bloger award. This time I will write about the One Lovely Blog award. I habe been nominated by Sonia (http://lamodejevousaime.blogspot.com). Thank you again! 

The rules are as follows:
-thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
-copy and paste the logo in your blog.
-share 7 things about yourself.
-nominate 15 other great bloggers.
-comment and let them know of the award.

Seven things you might not know about me:
 Dreamer. Maybe I am not doing it so often anymore but I was always a dreamer and have been walking with my head up in the clouds. 
Painting. As far as I remember painting helped me to relax. When I think about it now.. I really need to start painting again.
Travel. Love to explore new places and cultures. I need to spend more time doing it.
Blogging. I was blogging for a few years and then stopped doing it. Now I began again and hope that it will bring me still satisfaction.
H&M. Every time I am in this shop I want to but something. I think it's some kind of addiction even (well positive i guess?). 
Books,Movies&Co. I'm a big fan of books. Mostly - Jonathan Carroll's (http://jonathancarroll.com/). Jane Austin and her Pride and Prejudice create my expectations for men haha. When I'm not reading I'm watching on-line series like Fringe, Games of thrones, Hawaii o5, Gossip girl, CSI NY, Nikita and so on.. And for the movies.. maybe I will just say that I love Bruce Willis.
Food addiction.  I can say that I am addicted to chocolate especially those from Milka and Cadbury. I also like to drink hot chocolate or eat chocolate cookies and cake. Chocolate-love<3

Well here I should nominate 15 blogs but it is so hard to choose so I think that I will nominate all of you who read it:) Post me a comment if you will do it and I will happily read your 7 things about yourself:)

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